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Room "Abendrotzimmer Nachtkerze"

Guestroom "Abendrotzimmer Nachtkerze"

Ours afterglow room "night candle" is a little more simply in the equipment, denoch you will miss nothing in comfort and recover here and come to the being relaxing rest. Who is during the day a lot on the way him is glad about the easy room around all impressions and experiences of the day over again to let pass revue.
From the balcony you enjoy a panoramic look at the nightmare chain and the "Hohes Schloss von Füssen".

KNOWLEDGE: ]The night candle blossoms in contrast to other plants also at night. Particularly in warm summer evenings this can be observed. Nightcandleoil contains linolenic acid and works positively on skin and blood vessels. As a tea she tastes pleasantly softy and almost fruity. Even the roots are used in the kitchen like vegetables. There should be new strength and strength and stimulate the healing process.

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