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Room "Panoramazimmer Wildrose"

Guestroom "Panoramazimmer Wildrose"

If you in the panoramic room "wild rose" you spend the night in a big room with anteroom and a corner balcony. After activities and wanderings you can rest on the generous balcony well-earned on the couch and leave behind the everyday stress. The fresh Allgäu air and the maybe unusual rest look recovering and return you the strength and strength again.

KNOWLEDGE: The rose smell of the wild rose is looked rather traditionally as a man's smell. The smell looks sensuous and opening, relaxing and in harmony. The won ethereal oil is always a precious property. The oils of the wild rose is used with aromatic therapy and meditation, as well as   inspiration and creativity. A remedial effect is awarded above all as a tea for the prevention by colds and inflammations in the pharynx space. Many natural active substances also strengthen the immune system.

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