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Room "Säulingzimmer Salbei"

Guestroom "Säulingzimmer Salbei"

In the guestroom Säulingzimmer "sage" you have a marvellous view of the mountain Säuling. Rest after walks on the balcony, with of a couch to stay invites. The fresh Allgäu air and the mountain panorama leave everyday life and hectic rush behind you.

KNOWLEDGE: Of the sage an astringent and antiseptic effect has. Thereby it well works with sore throat and is with pharyngitises of all kind and is here the plant of the choice. Who strengthens to sweat education inclines, is able with sage against. The sweat-restraining effect is expelled to many active substances and oils. He is estimated by the varied remedial effect from sage Rightly as a universal remedy from the nature.

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