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Wellness in ***Hotel Steiger

Classical Massages

Capably, with a lot of instinct. She looks blood circulation-supporting and metabolism-stimulating.

There occurs a relaxation and relaxation of the musculature.

A really balm for body and soul.


Sauna area

In the "Bio-Vital Sauna" you purify and the light therapy relaxes your mind and body.

This recreation returns strength and energy to your body. Refresh themselves in the connection with a cold bathtube and in the big shower. Refreshing and Stimulating at the same time.

♦   Finnish sauna     ♦   Steam sauna     ♦   Bio-Vital sauna   ♦


Restroom in Wellness areabei Hotel Steiger

Recreation & Relaxen

Rest with vision in the inside and outside area: the rest room formed with soft colors invites to staying. We have made the outer quiet area, a place of the well-feeling. Below Expectations for you with natural elements.

The strength gives you resting weightlessly and contributing with that to the depth diversion back modern couches this one.


Fitness room in Hotel Steiger

Fitness for your health.

Wake up your life spirits at the fitness training.

The muscles are been fortifying, the movability promoted and the general well-being increased . . . .

. . . and a sauna and massages to the "Workout".


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