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Room "Säulingzimmer Schafgarbe"

Guestbook "Säulingzimmer Schafgarbe'"

The view from Säulingzimmer "Schafgarbe" you have a marvellous view of the mountain Säuling. The room in the local hotel style is furnished, offers comfort and rest for the well-earned vacation and time out. The couch on the balcony invite to the relaxation in the sun.

KNOWLEDGE: The Schafgarbe is a classical remedial plant which can be used for women's suffering and the digestive system. Use finds the Schafgarbe internally as a Schafgarbentee or externally as an applying oil.
The Schafgarbe   grows in meadows and road edges and the sheets are a tidbit for sheep them this wild herb love. Also the cosmetics industry has discovered important ingredients in the wild plant for itself.

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